Songs written by Cojok
(Except M1,COURT OF THE CRIMSON KING Written by Robert Fripp / Michael Rex Giles / Greg Lake / Ian McDonald / Peter John Sinfield1969 by Universal Music MGB Ltd. All Rights Reserved.)

Cojok are
œKco: Voice,Chorus and Acoustic guitar
œˆ’£‚³‚Ζ‚΅ : Electoronics and Guitars

œBass : ͺŠέFŽ| (M1,3,5,8) ”’‰ͺ^“ή (M3,4,6)
œCymbal and Gong : ‘“‘Žυ”όŽq (M1)
œFlugelhorn : ƒSƒ“ƒhƒEƒgƒ‚ƒqƒR(M1)
œProgramming,Synthesizers and Vocoder : Šέ—˜ŽŠ (M1)
œPiano : ‹{–{ˆŸ–ξŽq (M8)

œFinal Mixed by ’†‘ΊŒφ•γ (KangarooPawj
œMastared by ’†‘ΊŒφ•γ (KangarooPawj

œArtwork by HaateKaate