Kco (voice & Acoustic guitar)
Satoshi Ase (Electric guitar and computer programing)

Cojok was formed in the summer of 2006 in Osaka, Japan.Based on erectlonica, folk, progressive and classic music,but they build their original genuine ''Aco-Tronica''.In April 2010, Cojok released their first album ''CRYSTAFIR'' from their own label Nashuca Sounds.

A record producer Masahide Sakuma (Plastics/Yonin-bayashi:He had collaborated Mick Karn, The B-52's, Talking Heads and so on) found their activities on MYSPACE and he asked them to join the live-tour of his band as a co-star. This is the reason that Cojok released 2 songs ''Fall/Mo'mentina'' by his produce on November 2010.

In Japan,Cojok is an rare artist who is continuing challenging to a musical new possibility.ECLIPSE from FUJITSU TEN(Japanese Electronicsmaker) supported their 10.2 ''Sorround'' concert at a classic hall in Yoyogi in March 2011.Ten speakers and two woofers sorround Cojok and audience. Through this concert,they provided the audience with unprecedented sound experience.

In addition to this,it's also one of the fresh activities of Cojok that they try to spread DSD(Direct Stream Digital) online music distribution so positively.In March 2012, Cojok participated in a studio-live-recording which Sound&Recarding Magazine(Ritto Music Co., Ltd.)planed and KORG sponsored.Cojok played with many musicians-----Gota Yashiki(Dr), Takamune Negishi(Ba),Tomohiko Gondoh(F.Hr) and Seigen Tokuzawa(Vc) and his quartet---------and it was recorded to KORG DSD recorder by engineer, Yoshifumi Iio.This work was released as an album which was named ''QUANT'' from Sound&Recarding Magazine label April 2012 and the special report was published at this magazine.

Photo by OTOTOY